The Most Effective Way to Lose Weight: A Holistic Weight Loss Approach

a glass of water and an apple for weight loss in the stomach

If you decide to take your figure seriously, then you are probably wondering which of the methods of losing weight is the most effective.

How to lose weight and not gain weight again? What should you do first in order to lose weight quickly, and at the same time not harm your health? How to fix the effect and not get fat again? How not to turn the process of losing weight into a real torment?

We must disappoint you: there is no magic method that would help you lose those extra pounds quickly and easily.

The most effective way to lose weight includes a whole range of actions aimed at reducing body weight. You must use multiple methods at the same time. Then you will be able to lose weight relatively quickly and with minimal discomfort.

Slimming system

A comprehensive approach to losing weight is the most effective way that can lead you to the desired result. It should include:

  • restriction in food;
  • regular physical activity;
  • compliance with the drinking regime;
  • the use of medicines or dietary supplements for weight loss;
  • motivation and self-discipline.

You can lose weight with dieting alone, but for that you have to cut your diet to incredibly small portions, and live with a constant feeling of hunger. You can get rid of extra pounds with the help of physical activity alone, but in this case, you will have to plow until you sweat. There are drugs that you can use to quickly reduce your body weight, but the most effective are usually the most dangerous to your health.

Food restriction

By taking a holistic approach, you can avoid restricting your food too much. You will not be constantly tormented by hunger, mentally imagining how you are eating a juicy hamburger or a huge piece of cake by both cheeks. You should take on board just a few simple rules, the implementation of which will not require too much volitional effort from you:

  • eat no more than 3 times a day (+ 2 light snacks);
  • forget about food at night (last meal 3-4 hours before bedtime and only protein foods);
  • eat less bread, sweets and pasta, replacing them with meat, fish, fruits and vegetables;
  • before each meal, you should drink a glass of water or kefir;
  • do not strive to swallow the entire portion, without a trace, set the plate aside as soon as you feel that you are full;
  • eat slowly, chewing food thoroughly, because this way you will eat less.

Physical exercise

You don't have to go to the stadium or go to the gym. If you are using a comprehensive way to lose weight, then physical activity is just one of several methods that you use. Therefore, they may not be too intense, but should become regular. Make yourself some new rules:

  • move around the city on foot or by public transport;
  • take the stairs on foot, forget that you have an elevator in your house;
  • do exercises every morning;
  • at least 3-4 times a week arrange a walk for yourself, lasting at least 30 minutes;
  • at least once a week go to the beach, visit the pool, bathhouse or sauna;
  • relax actively: ski, travel, walk around the city.

Compliance with the drinking regime

Try to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Start with one liter, then gradually bring the amount of liquid drunk per day to two liters. Why drink so much water? There are several reasons:

  • fat breakdown products will be excreted faster;
  • the feeling of hunger will decrease, because your stomach will always be full;
  • you will have more energy, so you will burn more calories;
  • the body does not distinguish well between the signals of thirst and hunger, therefore, as soon as you feel thirsty, the desire to eat something will follow;
  • By drinking a glass of water before each meal, you will eat less because the lump will mix with the water and expand, causing you to become satiated more quickly.
  • the appearance of cellulite will decrease.

Slimming drug

It will be useful to choose a safe, albeit less effective, drug or dietary supplement for weight loss. So the excess weight will go away even faster. Let it be tableted microcrystalline cellulose, because it:

  • has a proven effect;
  • has no side effects;
  • has no contraindications;
  • will not empty your wallet;
  • can be used for a long time.

The use of such a tool will help you to additionally lose weight by 1-1. 5 kilograms per month. The path is not much, but diet, exercise and drinking regimen will also do their job. If it all fits together, you will get a good result.

You can choose a more expensive = effective supplement.

Motivation and self-discipline

It is very important to learn to adhere to all those rules that we just talked about. To do this, you need two things: motivation and self-discipline. How to keep yourself together and follow your goal every day? We can offer you some good ways to "stay on track".

  1. Make a table for yourself with the lines "food", "water", "physical activity" and "pills. "Above each column, write the date starting today. Put plus signs in front of each item every day. For failure to comply with the regime, put a minus. The more benefits you have on your plate, the faster you will lose weight.
  2. Step on the scale once a week. You will see how the kilograms go away, and this will push you to further action. But don't weigh yourself too often. In a day or two, you will not lose weight, and the lack of visible results will break your will to win.
  3. Ask your family or friends to control you. Let them constantly remind you that you cannot call the elevator, that it is time to drink a glass of water, that a portion of pasta should be replaced with a vegetable salad.
  4. The moment you feel like getting into your car, instead of walking or eating a sweet bun, imagine:
    • how you undress on the beach and amaze everyone with your flawless figure;
    • how your fat girlfriends discuss you with envy;
    • how you fit into your school dress;
    • how gracefully and easily you move;
    • how eagerly the representatives of the opposite sex look after you.

Here is the most effective way to lose weight that will help you get a slender figure without turning your life into constant torment, without ruining your health, and without testing your willpower for strength. Take a comprehensive approach to solving the problem, and it will be much easier for you to cope with it.